If you need an appointment with or advice from a member of the team, click on this eConsult link to fill in a form. One of our staff will contact you with an appropriate appointment or advice.

The form will gather the same information asked by our clinician at the first contact. eConsult is an online service which helps patients access the help and advice they need at the right time, in the right place with the right person.

Forms will be available from 6.30am to 6.30pm

Team members you may have contact with

First Contact Physiotherapist

These are experienced physiotherapists who diagnose and manage conditions affecting your joints and muscles.  There is a common misunderstanding that they provide ongoing courses of physiotherapy but as their role title suggests they are instead a great first point of contact to help you understand what is causing your symptoms and to discuss and arrange the best treatment options for you.  They can arrange investigations and referrals for adults as a GP would and can organise painkillers if required also.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

These are independent practitioners that, as the name suggests, assess your medical needs to an advanced level.  They can provide you with prescriptions and arrange investigations or referrals for you as a GP would, dealing with the huge range of medical issues that you as patients may be struggling with.

Social Prescriber

Social prescribers are there to help explore with you what support you may benefit from to complement your medical treatment.  Their skills and knowledge is wide ranging and depending on who you see they may support you in understanding what financial support is available to you and helping you with claiming this, finding and arranging local services that you would benefit from seeing and also ensure that you continue to improve and maintain your wellbeing.

If you think you may benefit from their expertise do mention it to any member of the team when you next speak to them or use our online system eConsult to let us know how we can help you.

Clinical Pharmacist

They are able to assess your medical issues advising on many common health issues.  Their expertise extend far beyond administering medication and they can use their experience in helping you ensure your medical conditions are managed in the best way to meet your needs.

Mental Health Practitioner

They have expertise in assessing and supporting you with any mental health condition you may have, whether it be new or more longstanding, including advice regarding starting new medication or altering any medications you may already take.

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